Family operated since 1987.

We are skilled in all aspects of masonry installation.
We specialize in accelerated schedule mid/high-rise veneer, typically on condo or apartment buildings, retirement homes, and institutional or commercial facilities.

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Driven by our values.

Our focus has always been on the six key pillars of Quality, Schedule, Safety, Innovation, Communication, and People.


Our reputation as one of the most sought-after masonry contractors in Ontario begins and ends with our commitment to unmistakable quality in the work we produce. Our dedication to reliable craftsmanship, quality materials, attention to detail, and client focus makes our product second to none. We will exceed your expectations.


We know the importance to project stakeholders, from a financial perspective, of maintaining and exceeding the timelines outlined for a project. We make it our top priority. We work diligently with clients and even proactively expand our scope of work beyond what is traditionally considered masonry in order to eliminate delays for other trades.


Workplace safety is paramount to the success of all projects. We are dedicated to providing a safe and clean working environment for all our employees, fellow tradespeople, and the public. Using the safest hydraulic scaffolding system on the market we increase load capacity and maintain efficiency while decreasing fall hazards.


We invest in cutting edge hydraulic scaffolding technology to provide a safer and more productive work environment. We are among the foremost experts in the industry at erecting and operating hydraulic scaffolding with a variety of architectural configurations and constraints. Whether the job requires high capacity in a limited work area or working at heights of up to 250 feet, we have the tools, training and experience you can count on.


Our core culture of thoughtful, honest and reciprocal communication between employees in all areas of our company is a key reason for our excellent employee retention. This focus on strong relationships also extends to our clients, trusted suppliers, and fellow project collaborators. We put the needs of our clients first and work together to provide creative and unique solutions that keep costs down, avoid delays, and have an aesthetic quality that is second to none.


We seek and foster a strength of character in our people which allows them all to act as leaders. Our people have the skills, knowledge, ingenuity, confidence and empowerment to troubleshoot problems before they happen on site, and work collaboratively with other trades to ensure that quality and schedule are maintained.

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