JVH Masonry

Company Profile

JVH Masonry is owned and operated by Vagn Lauritsen. JVH is focused on quality and is capable of a wide range of work. Our projects can be categorized into ICI(institutional, commercial, and industrial) and Custom Homes. ICI consists almost solely of concrete block and brick. Examples of projects are schools, libraries, water treatment plants, car dealerships, apartment buildings, Retirement homes, Commercial plazas and Warehouse and factory partition walls. JVH is very experienced in the building of these projects and always produces extremely high quality work within the time frame allotted. The second category is custom homes, these are commonly very upscale projects with a range of size and extravagance. There have been many large challenging homes taken on by JVH, the largest of the projects are 5 homes on Country lane faced with Limestone with stunning limestone porticoes and a lime stone castle on St. Johns side road in Aurora. These projects are very unique and comprise a type of masonry construction that has been taken on by few masonry contractors in the GTA. The unique and original techniques and systems used in the hanging and erecting of the large pieces of lime stone were developed by the companies masons who have proved to be extremely capable and professional. To see pictures of these custom homes visit the featured projects section. These projects are an excellent example of what JVH Masonry Ltd. is capable of.

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